5 Killer SEO Tactics to Be Followed in 2014

The concept of SEO has evolved a lot in the recent years. Today, the dimensions of digital marketing have completely changed and content marketing is one of the latest emerging weapons for marketers. Comparing the tactics of past and present one can easily notice the major changes and acknowledge the fact that the older techniques have already lost their effectiveness. The past trends like social bookmarking, article submissions, directories and other related techniques can now jeopardize your entire campaign.

As we all know that Google is continuously updating its algorithm therefore there’s always a chance that you can experience the effects of a new algorithmic change introduced by Google following the low quality of your website. That’s why it is advisable to follow the latest techniques to save your campaign from these updates. Here are our 5 super digital marketing tips for marketers:

1. Quality content curation

There is no need of being a writer or say a good writer to promote your brand. You can curate the old content and make a new copy of the same. All you need to do is:

(a) Add some quality to new content piece.

(b) It should be based on latest insights.

(c) No grammatical error.

A good content will ensure that you will thrive even during the major algorithmic updates introduced by the Google. It is sure that the sites which provide quality content will survive in the long run. So focus on quality and stop spamming.

2. Visual content marketing

If we are talking about content marketing then how can we overlook the importance of visual content? Visual contents like infographics, presentations, videos, meme and cinematographs will rule the kingdom of internet marketing in the years to come. Engaging your visitors with the help of powerful images is easy as you know that everyone is not going to read your entire content. You can offer the same thing with the help of images.

3. Social media strategy

Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are the giant social media platforms where you can target global set of visitors in seconds. All you have to do is to post some interesting stuffs there.

4. User Experience

User experience is increasingly playing a crucial role in determining the quality of your website and bringing in the traffic as well. Easy navigation, design, hassle free registration, call to actions are the pillars of a good website. So if your site is lacking somewhere, get it fixed today.

5. Competitor analysis

Well I won’t say it is a tactic, better call it an activity which should be done at least once in a week. This may give you a fair idea about some unexplored SEO techniques your competitor is using to gain visit and good ranks.

Winning the hearts of your visitors should be your first priority. Stop using old school SEO techniques to gamble with the search engines.

5 Best SEO tips 2014

Infographic source: Kollimited.com