4 2023 Infographics Trends That Marketers Should Be Aware Of

Infographics have quickly become one of the most effective means of communicating online, providing an engaging way for audiences to access and absorb your message. They’re easy to create, shareable on social media, and are likely to increase brand recognition and content reach.

Animated graphics can be especially effective on social media, as they capture user attention quickly and help convey important information more efficiently. Use short animated clips or GIFs to bring attention to key points within your information or draw the eye directly towards key components.

Bright colors can help make your infographic stand out and grab people’s attention, as well as helping readers remember key facts for longer.

Colorful visuals have the power to increase people’s reading time, leading to more efficient workflow for both users and employers alike. Employees could access information 70% faster in color compared to black and white; this will save them both money and increase efficiency.

2023 Infographic Trends

Graphic designers are continually exploring ways to create more engaging and memorable content, so Venngage has identified seven infographic trends for marketers to keep an eye on this year:

Dream-Like Aesthetics

No matter if your company produces cars or apparel, dream-like aesthetics is an increasingly popular trend that allows brands and manufacturers to incorporate otherworldly elements into their designs. From futuristic shapes to dreamlike colors, there are various ways you can incorporate this aesthetic into branding and marketing efforts.

Nature-inspired elements

When designing, it is crucial to draw upon inspiration from nature. From rocks and the ocean currents, to fruits and lush forest canopies – designers want their designs to encapsulate all of these sensations from outdoors.

Textured backgrounds will continue to be a trend in 2023, as designers strive to craft designs that stimulate the sense of touch for their audiences. From bubble gum to grainy paper textures, texture adds physical depth to any design and allows audiences to interact more meaningfully with it.


Content marketers seeking to automate various design types, including infographics, often find this an efficient and cost-saving strategy. Automating designs also enables content marketers to increase productivity while improving design quality; additionally it enables more personalized content creation as customizing infographics can become simpler with automation.


2023 will see an increasing emphasis on personalized information. This may take the form of customized charts and graphs tailored specifically to individual user’s needs and interests, or more specific personalised recommendations which help increase customer satisfaction and boost sales.

Minimalistic designs should also be on your radar in 2023, as these allow designers to emphasize what matters while eliminating extraneous details that clutter up a design. Minimalism is ideal for infographics which must fit within a tight space constraint, yet can still achieve aesthetic results.