2023 Infographics Popularity Statistics

Infographics are an effective marketing tool, able to communicate complex ideas clearly and compellingly. They allow businesses to build brand recognition among target consumers while driving traffic back to their websites and creating awareness around a specific message or product. But to maximize its effectiveness it’s crucial that the most efficient methods for creating infographics are used in order for the intended results.

Infographics have become an increasingly popular form of visual content online, especially as readers become accustomed to “Too Long Didn’t Read.” Infographics offer businesses an efficient and efficient means of conveying complex information quickly while being easily shared across social media. Businesses must remain informed of current trends in infographic design.

With that in mind, here are the key 2023 infographics popularity statistics you need to keep an eye on.

1. Infographics are the most shared form of visual content on social media, according to statistics on infographics.

People share infographics three times more often than other forms due to being easily understandable and featuring interesting data that people want to share with their followers. Moreover, infographics tend to be highly engaging and more memorable than other forms of content.

2. Infographics can help people retain information more readily than text alone.

Information retention is of the utmost importance in an infographic, particularly when promoting new products or services; an infographic can serve as an effective means of conveying details that resonate with target customers. Studies indicate that people retain info presented via infographic up to eight times better than when written out directly.

3. Color can increase attention and recall by up to 80%.

Infographics designed with colors carefully chosen can be highly effective at motivating users to take action, especially when used for product promotion as studies have revealed that using contrastive hues increases conversions. Furthermore, infographics may prove useful for employee communication purposes: memos or notices featuring colored information have shown to boost response rates up to 40%!

4. Blog articles that include infographics typically attract 178% more inbound links.

infographics can also serve as an effective means of improving website SEO. A recent study indicated that blogs containing an infographic receive 178% more links than those without one – likely due to the search engine crawlers interpreting its graphics as being relevant and authoritative, thus increasing website search engine optimization.

Marketers must remain up-to-date on the newest trends in infographics to create eye-catching visual content that attracts their target audience and encourages sharing. By following these tips, marketers can produce an infographic that stands the test of time and remains relevant indefinitely.