2017 Mind-Numbing YouTube Facts, Figures And Statistics Infographic

YouTube is one of the most popular websites on the internet today. The only one that is more trafficked is definitely Facebook. This is the type of information that everyone knows or can easily figure out but there are various other interesting facts you may want to learn more about. The infographic you see below is going to show you some incredible stats that are related to how YouTube did in the year 2017. We are sure you are going to be surprised to noticed so many of these stats.

YouTube.com was registered over 10 years ago. In time the site grew to now become the most popular video sharing website in the world. It was started by some former PayPal employees in 2005 and just 1 year later the website was already the fastest growing one in the entire world. By the year 2017 we reached the level at which around 500 hours of content is updated every single minute on YouTube. At the same time, we are seeing 1.5 billion users that use it to share music, business ideas, memories and basically anything video related.

The Mind-Numbing YouTube Statistics, Facts, Figures for 2017 infographic will start with a YouTube history and will then take you right through the interesting stats you want to see. Learn how much traffic this site has, who uses it the most, how much content is uploaded every single minute, what categories are popular, how many sites are monetized, how many videos are being watched every single day, the number of mobile users and even the most searched keywords on YouTube in the year 2017.

You are surely going to be surprised by the most popular celebrity channels that have incredible audiences. The top ones are singers but they are not the most subscribed channels on the network. In 2017 we saw music as being the most popular video content type viewed and you can actually even learn more about how much money people are making on YouTube with their channels. For fans the fact that PewDiePie is number one is not a surprise. Check out all the great stats presented and we are confident in saying that so many of them are going to be huge surprises.

Source: Filmora Wondershare