12 Video Marketing Stats [Infographic]

Video is widely considered as being the most useful media form by marketers and consumers alike. This is because it easily engages a person. However, video is not commonplace at the moment, although things might look different.

If you are a marketer interested in what to invest in or just want to learn some interesting stats, Raw Shorts created this really interesting infographic named “12 Video Marketing Stats”.

Without highlighting everything that is presented in the infographic since you can see that for yourself, some of the really interesting stats you can learn about include the following:

  • How much internet traffic is video – It is actually expected that over 80% of internet traffic will be made up by videos by next year. This practically means that businesses that do not start producing some sort of video content will lag behind the competition that does.
  • Product videos influence buying – Hubspot pointed out the fact that 90% of the video viewers made their buying decision based on videos of what they wanted to buy.
  • More social media shares feature videos – Social media will definitely keep being a really important part of online users’ life. Out of all the shares happening right now, there are 1200% more videos shared than text and images combined. This is definitely a lot more.
  • Most videos are short – Most of the videos that are found online are under 1 minute long. This does not mean it is necessarily the best choice for a business but it is still something of importance. Longer videos work a lot better on YouTube but short videos seem to work better everywhere else.
  • Few businesses use videos – Since we already mentioned the fact that video will be really big by next year, it is surprising to notice that just 9% of current businesses use videos. This practically means that there is a huge chance that your competition does not create videos. If you are among the early adopters in your industry, you can get a huge advantage over your competition.

If you want to learn more really interesting video marketing stats, just take a look at the 12 Video Marketing Stats infographic below.

Source: Raw Shorts