12 Characteristics Of The Worst Boss Ever

Absolutely all of us met at least one boss that is simply horrible. Many of us even have the misfortune of working for one. We are quite sure that you can go on talking for hours about that particular horrible boss that you had or met.

The inographic below talks exactly about horrible bosses and those annoying characteristics that are almost always visible with them. Some of the bad bosses actually exhibit all the “qualities” mentioned below while others only exhibit some. The problem is that even some of the qualities being shown lead towards an office that is not productive.

We do not need to talk about all the 12 annoying characteristics of a horrible boss you will see below since you can see them yourself. However, we need to focus on a couple of them that we almost always see and that are truly disturbing from many points of view.

Leading By Fear

This is basically the worst way to lead a team. People will not enjoy working for such a horrible boss and they will simply do their job out of a fear of being fired. In this case, although the bad boss thinks he manages to bring out all that an employee can do, the only thing that happens is a natural reduction in the amount of good work that is done. What many do not understand is that the employee needs to be happy. When you lead a team, you have to lead by example, not by fear. When your employees are afraid of you, it is a guarantee that many of them will want to get rid of that and will look for another job.

Blaming Employees For The Mistakes Of The Entire Team

The only person that should take the blame in the event that something bad happens is the boss. It does not really matter who the fault is actually based on. In the event that the team does something bad, it is the responsibility of the leader. We have to understand the fact that there is no such thing as a bad team. We only have bad leaders. With this in mind, those leaders that take all the credit when everything goes great and assign all the blame to someone else when something goes wrong are the most horrible bosses out there. They are not good at their job and success will be highly limited.

12 annoying characteristics of a horrible boss


Infographic by: Office Vibe