10 Marketing Lessons From Apple [Infographic]

When it comes to marketing, the work of Steve Jobs and Apple should be analyzed and taught at universities. This actually happens in some parts of the world. The reason why is quite simple: Apple literally took marketing to a whole new level. The company managed to change the way in which we see gadget promotion, changed expectations and created a real culture around the following that it managed to generate.

It is always interesting to learn from the brightest minds in the industry. Apple has a huge marketing department that is only filled with bright minds. This led to some of the most memorable marketing campaigns in history. Thankfully for us, the infographic that you will see below was created, showcasing 10 Marketing Lessons From Apple, something that absolutely everyone needs to learn when working in the industry.

What will you see in the Apple marketing infographic? We are not going to spoil the experience for you but we should highlight some of the important marketing lessons that are highlighted. Number 1 is, most likely, the one that should be in the back of the mind of every single serious marketer out there. We are talking about the fact that marketing should be kept simple. If you take a look at the campaigns that Apple created along the years, it is very hard to find something complicated. This is because simplicity is really easy to have a quick impact on viewers.

Then, we have to mention number 4 in the infographic: “Focus on unique value proposition rather than price”. Apple had a marketing strategy that never actually discussed the price. This actually allowed the company to sell Apple products at a higher price than what the competition offered. If you look at the price of most Apple products, it is hard to understand why they sell so well since there are other options that are more affordable on the market. However, what Apple did great was show people why Apple products should be purchased. This focus on value increased sales.

If you want to improve your marketing campaigns, follow the lessons that are inside the infographic below. It is a certainty we can all learn from Apple.

Source: The Website Group