10 Essential Desk Exercises For Designers Infographic

Whether you work in a studio or at home, spending long hours sitting at a stationary desk, in front of a monitor is common. It is very important that you understand this is going to cause some problems on the long run. You do want to be sure that you work out as often as you can. Unfortunately, it is difficult to exercise when you have work to do or simply because you tend to work really long hours every single day.

The good news is that you do not have to go to the gym to get the much needed exercises the body requires when sitting for long hours at a desk. What many do not realize is that all it really takes in most cases is to perform some simple exercises. Fortunately, those at Creative Bloq made a list of 10 great simple exercises anyone can perform while working at home or in an office.

The great thing about this infographic is that the exercises presented are really simple. Some of them do not even require you to get up from your desk. They allow you to move, stretch and get some physical activity whenever working at an important project. Just click on the image and you will quickly figure out how simple this is.

The pectoral stretch is most likely one of the most common stretching exercises anyone can do. It is incredibly simple and will release some of the tension you often feel due to long work hours. You can also look at the exercises that take you out of the chair. It is always recommended to move a little. 5 minutes during every single hour is something you should take into account.

Make sure that you take a look at the exercises presented. Just download the image and keep it on your computer. Whenever you do not know what to do or you feel that you need your body to move a little, choose one of the exercises there. Core strengtheners are much more effective than you might think, hip stretches help you for the entire day and your wrists are going to be stronger than ever.

Source: Creative Bloq