Family And Teen’s Cyber Security [Infographic]

The internet is huge and useful for most people but it can also be a really bad influence on the life of others. That is especially the case when referring to the teenagers. The infographic below will help you to see the threats that the child can meet online. This includes cyber bullying, stalking, sexting, exposure to highly inappropriate content and even social media addiction. Every single topic is covered in the infographic, is defined and statistics are highlighted in order to see exactly how dangerous the threat is.

The amount of data that is presented in the infographic is much higher than what you may think at the moment. All that you really need to do is think about the influence that the internet has on your children. Cyber security does not refer simply to having an antivirus and a firewall that will protect your computer. It is so much more than that. That is especially the case and becomes really important when thinking about those that are younger.

There is so much talk that appeared in the past few years when referring to cyber bullying. It is quite difficult to not talk about something like this since the effects of bullying in general are huge. Compare that with the fact that cyber bullying is also normally associated with stalking and even with using inappropriate content to make the bullied person feel even worse and huge problems appear.

If you are a parent, you want to seriously consider learning all that you can about what can happen on the internet and the cyber security problems that teens are faced with at the moment. In the event that you can protect your children, why not do it? It is information that helps you do to this. Make sure that you take all the times that is needed in order to see what statistics are mentioned about the threats that are highlighted.

Remember that the infographic can be saved. Put it on your computer and you will appreciate the fact that you can keep coming back to it whenever you need some extra information.


Source: Family Orbit

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